Brauerei Sippel


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Brauerei Sippel On or near a bike bath A Jan-Erik Svensson Top 10 Pick A Tom Clark Top 10 Pick

Burgstrasse 20
Baunach 96148
Brewery closed


Draft only

Now sells Keesmann

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Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-03-26 04:57:11

 This soft, typically Franconian, brownish Vollbier is among the most pleasant I have tasted. Especially the subtle hoppiness is noteworthy.

Comment from Gary Paul on 2003-05-10 00:39:22

 The most pleasent thing about Sippel is the traditional German family Gasthaus atmosphere. The regulars who hang out there are a fun bunch of people. As far as the menu is concerned, don't miss the Shinken mit Ei and the Strammer Max.

Comment from Mark Jamison on 2004-01-02 10:48:23

 This a truly great Franken beer in a friendly Gasthaus. The locals are quite friendly, especially for the region. A can't miss stop.

Comment from rob wooldridge on 2004-03-25 19:28:49

 A great beer and gasthaus! I long for this beer but the only way you can get it is right out of the tap at Sippel. The atmosphere is good and the locals are great, and I hear the mayor is a pretty good guy too! Prost!

Comment from Jim & Wendy Stebbins on 2004-11-01 12:09:46

 A small, clean, stark atmospher with fast,friendly service.The bier had a slight bitter taste.

Comment from Sean McCambridge on 2005-01-18 10:51:48

 Compared to other very small breweries I've been to in my four months in Oberfranken, Sippel was nice because it was such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere...I think the owner was surprised to see two Americans in January, and pleasantly so....Only one beer served. Decent at first, but it sticks with you, and the long aftertaste rang mellow and spicy. Definitely worth it, if you're tired of the touristy scene of Bamberg and you want to see something more authentic.

Comment from scott rankin on 2006-06-18 01:33:43

 The beer was very good. The service was horrible. Both of the ladies working there were very slow and ignored us for most of our stay.

Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2007-05-04 02:51:55

 On a recent visit, the beer had a butterscotch off-flavour. Let's hope it's a temporary variation of quality.

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2007-06-21 14:29:39

 Archetypical franconian light beer! Very drinkable. Also worth seeing is the shut down large brewery in the neighbourhood.

Comment from Melissa Walters (wicker) on 2008-11-27 19:38:52

 Lived in Baunach about 20 years ago for 3 years..Sippels made some of the best memories for my family and I. Loved that place! Prost!

Comment from ToddA on 2009-10-18 10:59:51

 Really awkward situation. I'm the only one in there and the three ladies running the joint are having a screaming match. Not sure who won but the beer was awful. Butterscotch ridden garbage. I almost threw it up it was so bad...don't bother visiting...for at least a year.

Comment from LB on 2011-02-08 00:15:50

 Baptist Fößel, the owner and brewmaster, passed away in November 2008. Now the situation is not clear, it's said they do not make beer any more.

Comment from Kim Kaebel on 2013-10-23 03:33:21

  Gruss Gott! My husband Harold & I lived in Baunach from 1980-83. Herr & Frau Sippel owned Sippel bar. Their daughter's name was Barbara. We were regulars and were treated well. The beer & food were great, so were the people! Very fond memories! Prost! :)

Comment from FredW on 2014-09-04 06:09:13

 Sad to see this once great brewery decline and eventually stop brewing

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