Schmitt Bräu

Schmitt Bräu

Oberend 19
Schesslitz 96110
Stopped brewing in 2002

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Comment from Robbie Pickering on 2002-12-18 12:30:12

 The beers are still available but are apparently now being brewed in Bayreuth -- this is secondhand info from someone in a drinks shop in Scheßlitz. The tap was closed when I was there so I couldn't check further.

Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-04-01 06:50:53

 The tap-room is one of my favourites. It's very much 19th century. But the beer was a normal, bland "Einheitsbier".

Comment from Tom Perera on 2003-07-08 05:42:49

 I've stood sadly outside these locked doors a number of times. Maybe someday my luck will improve.

Comment from Timothy Holian on 2005-02-16 21:42:17

 Schmitt Bräu Jura Hell has a medium malty nose and a slight hop undertone; a light maltiness up front yields to a more pronounced hoppiness in the finish. Nice golden color. Overall not bad as contract brews go, but also not worth seeking out if it requires significant effort.

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