Brauerei Barth-Senger

Brauerei Barth-Senger A Jos Brouwer Top Pick

Oberend 11
Schesslitz 96110
Stopped brewing in 2012Small Brewery (less than 1000 hl/year)

Draft only

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Comment from Robbie Pickering on 2002-12-19 16:08:50

 If you've never experienced a bar where there is absolute silence, come here. I could hear my pen scratching in my notebook. The beer is the typical for the area brown Fränkisches Vollbier, but I found it watery and not worth drinking.

Comment from Jos Brouwer on 2003-01-31 12:25:03

 One of the very traditional breweries. Hans Senger is one of the old-fashioned brewers, sticking to the traditional brewing methods, still using a coolship (I hope this is correct english), where almost all other breweries have abandoned it. Also one of the very rare places where beer is still dispensed on gravity. An absolute gem!

Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-03-28 02:16:35

 This brown, powerful beer can be very good. And the pub is a gem. But sometimes, the beer can be a little phenolic. I don't mind, it's a classic anyway.

Comment from Tom Perera on 2003-04-30 17:38:40

 If you had shown me a photo of this uninteresting looking "livingroom" that serves as the brewery tap, I might have balked at going out of my way to visit it. Thank God no one did. Perhaps the best Lager in all of Franconia. I now visit that livingroom every chance I get.

Comment from Jim & Wendy Stebbins on 2004-11-14 09:09:35

 A very small tap room, with 4 tables. Stark,plain, but friendly....& very quiet. The bier was amber colored with a good flavor.

Comment from Jim & Wendy Stebbins on 2004-11-14 09:11:06

 A very small tap room, with 4 tables. Stark,plain, but friendly....& very quiet. The bier was amber colored with a good flavor.People bring their own food in, since they do not have a speiskarte.

Comment from vogel bayreuth on 2005-03-01 05:33:22

 ein auusgezeichnetes dunkles Bier wie es selten anzutreffen ist. Leider keine Brot- zeiten.

Comment from Martin T. on 2006-06-17 10:01:53

 Now this is a unique place. Four long tables make up the pub, easily filled by blue-collar workers working nearby. There is one beer on gravity cask, a well-balanced, flavorful, very quenching Völlbier. The people here have a fun tradition of knocking on every occupied table when they get in, a gesture of salute which took me by surprise at first. They do the same when they leave as well, so be ready to do it yourself when you leave after your satisfying pint!

Vollbier (tap review):
-Majestic head thrones atop the copper clarity, designing impressive lacing.
-Convincing caramel maltiness agrees with the earthy, resinous hoppiness in both aroma and flavor.
-An embracing herbal hop bitterness happily stays, producing a drying effect.
-The soft, prickly carbonation renders a great mouthfeel.
-Lovely, clean, drinkable authenticity from the gravity cask; a regional standard it seems.

Comment from Mark Andersen on 2008-04-08 12:48:05

 Truly one of the most amazing beers I've ever had. Very small, quiet, and no frills pub. Make sure to knock on every occupied table when you enter.

Comment from Mark Andersen on 2009-08-09 09:13:01

 Well, I told friends about this place so they insisted I take them on our recent visit. They were not dissapointed. The beer is superb, the locals are a joy to drink with, the woman running the ausschank is as warm and friendly as can be, and knocking on the tables when entering and leaving is highly recommended. This place is a real Franconian gem.

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2009-09-07 12:59:06

 Very nice little brewery which was absolutely crowded when we stepped in, as it was barbecue day. The beer is earthy as if the water came from a medieval stone well. Interesting indeed!

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