Brauerei J. Herbst

Hauptstrasse 29
Ebermannstadt 91320
Stopped brewing in 2013

 09194 342

Also known as Brauerei Sonne

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Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-04-07 07:03:07

 The beers of this brewery has an astonishing Einheitsbier character.

Comment from mike004 on 2009-09-21 07:31:54

 The better of the two breweries in town. The export helles is an excellent session beer.

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2012-08-31 01:27:07

 Reading the comments on both Ebermannstadt breweries I avoided visiting them for quite a time. After having been there only yesterday and trying all of their beers, I have to say that many things mentioned above are unjustified. Okay, both are hotels, so both are not 500 year old farm breweries with their unique atmosphere. But the beers are very good. At Brauerei Herbst (Sonnenbräu) you get Pils and Kellerbier. The Kellerbier is very low in carbon acid and well balanced. Unfiltrated and reddish in colour. A nice beer to start with. The Pils is great! Very soft and flowery but clearly a Pils. Great aromata, Hersbrucker hops maybe? Being in Ebermannstadt you have to start with this brewery because of the fragrance and floweriness of the beers. Go to the other brewery afterwards.

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