Thuisbrunner Elch Bräu


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Haus Nr. 11
Thuisbrunn 91322

 0 91 97 / 2 21

Opened July 2007

Opening Times

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Comment from Mat Wilson on 2010-08-22 13:38:59

 Visited here today (22/08) and can confirm that opening hours are as follows. Monday from 14.00. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 0900. Wednesday and Thursday - closed. Beers in top condition with an excellent hoppy pils and a very good malty dunkel. A lot of money has been spent here with a terraced bier garten and beers being served from a keller at the rear of the property. Food looked good from what I could see. I just had a apple pie and that was superb. Bottles of Pils and Dunkel available for take-away at 90 cents, but the bock was not available, despite it looking like it had only just been wiped off the blackboard outside the keller. Although this pub is in a tiny hamlet and a fair distance uphill from any where, well worth the effort to seek it out. you'll not be disappointed. Mat W

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2012-03-26 03:38:19

 It's good to see a long closed brewery being reborn. In this case the new owner did a very good renovating job. Nice place. Two sorts of unfiltered beer: Dunkel and Pils. The Dunkelexport is drinkable, but very malty and very simple. The hoppy Pils I liked better, but it also lacks in complexity. If I walked the 5-Seidla-Steig, I'd start here.

Comment from Jjason on 2013-04-29 12:41:49

 Visited twice in 2012, once in early May (inside) and in mid July (outside). I must say I thought the Gastof was very good, modern but with a nod to the traditional, with excellent food. The beer garden is also a lovely spot to while away an afternoon. The stand out beer for me was the excellent Pils, unfiltered and very fresh, flowery, hoppy and refreshing, if a little one dimensional. Well worth visiting on the excellent Funf Siedla Stieg along with the equally excellent Hofmann (Hohenschwarz) and Lindenbrau (Grafenberg).

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