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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by AndyH on 2019-10-18 02:55:44
I'm putting together an itinerary for a 5 day visit next May and envisage three days walking in the countryside and am trying to decide what would be the best options to show beer gardens, country breweries and some picturesque parts of the region to a new visitor who's only seen Bamberg so far.

I think a day to Buttenheim, Forchheim and the Forchheim Kellers is a definite but would like a day or two away from the wide valley floor where the scenery is more impressive. That's always harder when you get away from the railway line to find easy and regular bus services.

Any suggestions?
   Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-18 03:11:34
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               Franconian Countryside Walks by Mark Andersen on  2019-10-18 08:56:38
                 Franconian Countryside Walks by Mark Andersen on  2019-10-18 08:57:01
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                         Franconian Countryside Walks by Barry Taylor on  2019-10-23 07:49:13
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