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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2019-10-18 05:45:25
Bus out to Tiefenellern, follow the path through Geisfeld, Rossdorf and Strullendorf. Mostly downhill, nicely spaced breweries. You can also walk from Tiefenellern via Schammelsdorf to Memmelsdorf, though we got lost doing this one. Its all part of a 13 brewery walk that is signposted(in parts).
The walk from Bad Staffelstein to Nedensdorf and Wiesen has some great views. I think the tourist office at Bad S has a map. You could carry on and pick up the train at Ebensfeld.
Walk over the hill from Reckendorf to Rattelsdorf, nip up to Hofen and then down to Ebing for the train. 
You could put something together around Ebermannstadt and Pretzfeld/Kirchehrenbach. Need to be careful with ruhetags here.
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