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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by AndyH on 2019-10-18 06:57:37
All good suggestions Mark. I sometimes need you guys to stop me just going back to the same places I've done before.

Opening times on the 5 Seidla Steig mean we couldn't visit them all, as it would be a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. However, that probably doesn't matter and would probably make it quieter.

I looked at D├Ârfleins, Kemmern, Breiteng├╝ssbach, I've done some of that area before, but probably will give it a miss this time.

Tiefellenern to Strullendorfplus potentially Lohndorf, Geisfeld and Rossdorf is another good walk and I've done most of it before, if not in the same day.

But I'm probably going to do something around Bad Staffelstein as I haven't been there.