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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-10-24 09:39:01
Looks good to me!

Just a few comments: I wouldn't be too fussed about Dinkel and I haven't been in Hennemann's but others haven't raved about it.  Certainly I wouldn't swap those for Reblitz and Hellmuth - IMHO, two of the best breweries that I know.  As I've pointed out before, Schwanen-Braeu is closed (ASAIK, no change there), so you have to go to the Ebensfelder Keller (straight up the Hauptstrasse going south, take Muhlgasse on left and keep going - maybe 10 minutes walk from the station).  Personally, I wouldn't go up to 4Heiligen or bother that much with Metzgerbraeu but I have been many times before - and there's always that bizarre baroque church to stick your head in while you're up there!  And I'm not fussed about walking up Staffelberg but each to their own.

For a nice days walk, it would be:
get off at BS; cross the river to Nedensdorf, continue down to Wiesen, over to Pferdsfeld, over to Unterneuses, cross the fields to  Reblitz, then Wiesen, before  Unterneuses (maybe Loffeld) and finish in the Ebensfelder Keller.  

But I think that you are younger, fitter and more ambitious!  Whatever you choose, you'll have a great day - I love that area.  

Similarly, I don't bother with Hebendanz (more a restaurant now, though the beers are quite good) and Eichorn.  I'd spend the day in Neder with a little trip to Greif.  But why not jump on the 265 and nip out to Stieberlimbach - opening permitting?  You could call at Witzgal on the way.

Oh yes, Weissenhohe, I though it was excellent - good beer and a nice place.  Now I've been, I wouldn't go to Grafenburg without going to Friedmann's Keller - it's a bit of a climb but the views are magnificent and the people very friendly.  BTW, I much preferred Friedmann's to Lindenbraeu - just personal taste!
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