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Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-10-18 06:19:53
Jason already hit on a lot of the points I would have made but I'll still chime in and maybe throw in a wrinkle or two.

I highly recommend 5 Seidla Steig.  In terms of quality of the breweries I'd put this at the very top of my list for a beer hike.  And it's also a nice hike in general for the scenery.

I've done the Tiefellenern to Strullendorf hike more than any other.  For scenery it's hard to beat and plenty of good beer on the way although not as much as there used to be with the loss of Krug in Geisfeld (so just spend more time at the brewery in Rossdorf or at Griess).  I don't know if it's possible to catch the new brewery in Melkendorf along the way as they don't have regular hours.  Of course you can also turn in the other direction after Lohndorf towards Brauerei Knoblach, Memmelsdorf, etc.

Jason also mentioned the Ebing to Hoefen to Freudeneck to Mursbach hike.  Another variation is you could go from Hoefen to Reckendorf as long as you don't mind going up and over the hill in between.  The trail is easy to follow and nice views from up there on both sides and Schroll in Reckendorf is one of my favorites.  Actually I'd recommend starting in Reckendorf (which you can reach easily by train) and then go in the other direction because the breweries in Hoefen and Ebing are open later than Reckendorf during the week.  Last time we started at Schroll in Reckendorf in the late morning (11am-ish) and it worked out very well timing wise.  ALSO if it's open DO stop at the nice beer garden by the old mill in Rattlesdorf for some Moenchsambacher from the barrel on the way to Ebing.

As you already gathered there are great hiking options all around the Bad Staffelstein - Ebensfeld area.  You could go to Reblitz in Nedensdorf then onto Weisen and then over to Pferdsfeld, Unterneuses and finally Ebensfeld to visit the keller there and then a train back or go in the other direction Vierzenheiligen (might have spelled wrong?) up over Staffelberg (great views if you don't mind the uphill hiking) to Loffeld onto Pferdsfeld, etc.  or even before Staffelberg detour left over to Uetzing (makes this hike much longer I think).

A smaller walk I've done is get off train in Breitengussbach and walk over to Kemmern (I suppose you could just take the bus to Kemmern) but maybe you can visit Binkert on the way.  Hit the brewery and or keller in Kemmern and then continue on to Dorfleins stopping at the Diller Keller along the way if it's late enough in the day.

Another one is visit Schmausenkeller and walk your way back to Bamberg via Untergreuth and Debring and dare I say even Muhlendorf.  Then back up into Bamberg to Greifenklau or Wilde Rose and Spezial kellers.  Ambitious day but doable and like many of these walks you can cut out part of it by using a bus where it makes sense. 

And look worse case scenario if you get stuck out somewhere and too tired to walk back and buses have stopped running.  Call a taxi.  Always a good idea to bring a number or two of Bamberg taxi compnaies with you in case of emergency.

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