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Posted by AndyH on 2019-10-18 08:13:25
True but I want to keep indirect transport to a minimum. The more connections, the more chances for something to go wrong. And clearly Bad Staffenstein, Strullendorf and Forchheim are all direct from Bamberg which keeps the day really simple.

Even with a five day trip, instead of the weekend trip we did last time, it doesn't seem long enough to fit everything in.
                 Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-23 04:26:12
                   Franconian Countryside Walks by Mark Andersen on  2019-10-23 04:34:34
                     Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-23 04:49:13
                       Franconian Countryside Walks by Barry Taylor on  2019-10-23 07:44:51
                         Franconian Countryside Walks by Barry Taylor on  2019-10-23 07:49:13
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                             Franconian Countryside Walks by Barry Taylor on  2019-10-24 03:03:35
                               Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-24 05:04:16
                                 Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-24 05:17:37
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                                     Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-25 01:21:23
                                     Franconian Countryside Walks by AndyH on  2019-10-25 02:54:31