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Posted by AndyH on 2019-10-25 01:21:23
Many thanks!

There are certainly plenty of options around Bad Staffelstein. I can write up a few alternative itineraries then we'll see where the mood takes us.

A bit of background.

I am introducing a new partner to the area (she already loved her weekend in Bamberg). But as is usually the case when I'm in Franken, the people travelling with me are rarely as beer focused as I would be on my own. So it's a matter of balance, there has to be something more than just the the beer so it's as much about the walk as it is about the beer. Plenty of hill walking in Yorkshire, the Lakes and Snowdonia in the past so the hill walking will be fine (if a little out of practice).

Stieberlimbach is worth a day on it's own so I'll probably save that for another trip and concentrate on Forchheim this time. Especially as we may stop off in Buttenheim on the way to visit the Levi Strauss museum and we want to spend some time walking around Forchheim's old town (again balance).

As for 5-Seidla, with only 3 open on a Wednesday, I expect we'll manage them all.