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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by AndyH on 2019-10-18 05:09:33
Thanks Jason, all good suggestions. We're there Monday to Friday which should make things easier (Ruhetagen notwithstanding).

I haven't done the 5-Seidla Steig so that's a good shout.

Strullendorf gives a good few options, I've done Rossdorf and Geisfeld from there before but as you point out there are other options too, especially Knoblach and Lohndorf/Tiefenellern breweries. We had the Hölzlein Rauchbier in Abseits the other weekend which was pretty good.

Bad Staffelstein looks like a shoe-in as there are so many options and the terrain looks picturesque.

Agreed on Buttenheim but it's easy on the way to Forchheim and has the Levi Strauss Museum for a bit of a change of pace from beer. I suspect museum visit followed by one beer then on to Forchheim for a walk around the old town before beer at one of the Kellers.

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