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Posted by Jason on 2019-10-18 04:38:18
The walk around Aufsess is (if I recall) possible to do with a special bus that runs maybe on Saturdays/Sundays only from Forchheim (or somewhere similar). Look it up maybe. 

The oft cited 5-Seidla Steig is very pleasant and espacially in May won't be overly busy but I would plan a weekday visit to have it more to yourself. Trains run to Graefenberg from Nuernberg Nordostbahnhof which means it's a bit of a faff from Bamberg but easy enough. 

I would say the walk from Strullendorf to as far as Memmelsdorf via the Schwann Keller (Strullendorf), Brauerei Sauer & Keller in Rossdorf, Brauerei Griess & Keller in Geisfeld then either Tiefenellern and Lohndorf or round to Knoblach then into Memmelsdorf. It's a long walk altogether but it can be broken down into easier chunks, and there are buses to Tiefenellern for example to take either back are to start with. Again, during the week these are more frequent. A smaller version is simply Tiefenellern to Lohndorf, it's a lovely area.

Another easy one is simply walking from Drosendorf to Merkendorf and back.

As suggested, Bad Staffelstein is a great area, either to Loffeld (Staffelberg Brau), Stublang (Dinkel & Lownebraue), Uetzing (Metzgerbraeu), Vierzehnheiligen (Trunk)... or the other side going to Wiesen (Hellmuth & Thomann) and Nedensdorf (Reblitz) and Ebensfeld (Schwann and Keller), Pferdsfeld (Leicht) and Unterneuses (Martin) all provide good options of differing lengths. 

You can walk from Ebing (Schwan) to Hoefen (Adler), Freudeneck (Fischer) and Muersbach (Sonne). 

There are many others of course depending on your fitness and drinking needs. If you don't mind taking a taxi back, the options are even bigger.

ps. as someone who plays football in Gunzendorf (next to Buttenheim), I would put most of the breweries mentioned above in a much higher bracket than either of the Buttenheim breweries, though I understand that the kellers are very nice places to drink beer. Just yesterday I had St Georgen Helles and Loewenbraeu Kellerbier (both gravity) and neither are much to write home about these days. 
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