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Franconian Countryside Walks
Posted by Mosquit on 2019-10-18 10:15:02
Some of my favorites:
Forchheim-through the forest-Willersdorf-Stieberlimbach-(Kreuzberg)-Hallerndorf-Schlammensdorf
Breitengußbach-Kemmern-Doerfleins(-Bischberg) was already mentioned. 
Ebensfeld-Pferdfeld-Loffeld-Bad Staffelstein is nice walk reachable via train
Reckendorf-Höfen-Rattelsdorf-Ebing (also trains)
Unterneuses (on B22 - many buses)-Grassmandorf-Ampferbach-(Burgebrach)-Mönchsambach
2 weeks ago I have walked Steinfeld-Schederndorf-Wattendorf, also good, but bad connections. 

On B22 Memmelsdorf-Steinfeld-... there aren't that many buses, but there are autostop/hitchhiking benches, which works fine. 

Each year it is more and more difficult to visit countryside breweries without a car - breweries and pubs are having shorter and shorter opening times, most of them opening at 4pm or 5pm (except of weekends). On top of it, public transportation on countryside gets worse and worse - basically except of train network and main roads (like B22), there are no buses on weekends, or they require to be ordered upfront. And during working days, most of the buses are actually school buses. Many times I have been travelling only with my wife, and whole bus of children going back to home from school. 

Taxi is a good choice, especially in larger group it makes sense. Some years ago, I have travelled even from Bamberg to Breitenlesau, which took like 50 minuts and cost was around 65€. 
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