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Kitzmann in Erlangen
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-05 04:46:52
Whoah! Just some of the thread about this from last year. I haven't read through all 29 comments on the press website in the original post, nor have I scoured the boards here (nor anywhere else on the interwebs) for any updates. I'm also not in contact with anyone in Erlangen who might know more, so I shall dare to ask here: Any further update of significance?

The Gaststaette and Braeukontor bottle shop were to remain open, according to the original article. 

Just broke the news to Mrs, who is quite shocked. As am I! My soft spot for the place goes back to when we first visited Erlangen in 2004, as we were considering moving there from Oregon for Mrs's work. The Pils seemed to have a distinctly hoppy character, though sweet, not dry. Which made it weird, like me.

And we were there for their Fest in September, which was great fun. Contrary to what it might seem, I really didn't drunk much of it at all for most of the time we lived there. It was just great to have a big old brewery right there. 

The Gaststaette opened in around 2009, IIRC. We loved eating there, v. good Karpfen and the horseradish beef thingy whose name escapes me. And then the Rotbier was interesting...I will miss enjoying a Seidla of that outside at the Gaststaette this, I guess I can still do that, as the place will be open. But will Kulmbacher do the Rotbier, and will it be any good?

Anyway, it sounds like the classic case of a medium-sized (?) traditional brewery not making ends meet in the competitive new market. And personal reasons...Herr Kitzmann is a great big, round person. Hope he's well. 

I shall endeavour to learn what I can and return here with any updates.


It is exactly the article from Fox TV News in Vegas that Fred dug up that I was fearing would surface. I have an explanation/clarification/rebuttal in the works for my website, but my lawyer suggests I should sit on it for a while. I lit the fire as a joke the day before I made the exaggeratedly threatening phone calls which led to my arrest. They didn't bother to make a fuss about it at the time. Here is a bit of what I've been writing up, with clips of the surveillance video showing what happened.

Las Vegas is a strange place. Full of strange people, where lots of strange things happen.
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