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Kitzmann in Erlangen
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-02-07 05:04:49
Glad to hear that Tabor is ok, as we had some good times together.

Not sure that the US has become a strange place in 'your' absence; I wouldn't wish to be rude, because I really value my US-friends as honourable, decent people, but I found it strange (not just different) when I went there in 1978 (I think).  It is so different to Europe - any part of Europe - and I wonder whether Americans feel the same way when they visit the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy or wherever.  I suppose that they do.

Jacqueline and myself went to Orlando around 1990 (ok, Orlando is a touristy place but so is LV).  Later,  she came with me on one of my working trips to Romania.  When asked, she said that she much preferred Romania, because she felt more at home there, even given the language difference!  Personally, I feel comfortable in any part of Europe because we have so much shared culture and attitude, something that the Brexiters don't seem to understand but, then, most have only been to Spanish or Turkish tourist places.  

Sorry, didn't mean to get too political.
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