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Kitzmann in Erlangen
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-02-07 08:02:40
Very interesting Mark and I'm sure that you're right.  You've visited quite a few places in the UK that are not touristy - certainly Dudley and the Black Country would not be on most people's tour itinerary, nor even Old Colwyn, though Conwy is but it's not quite Las Vegas or Orlando - yet!

Personally, I'm not so fond of Dublin nowadays, as the song 'Dublin In the Rare Old Times' says, they've made a city of our town (you can listen to Luke Kelly singing it on YT) and I feel the same about my home town of Manchester.  It's why I don't bother going to Muenchen and why I'll probably only call in for a few hours to Brisbane.  And part of the reason why Bamberg is lovely.

When I was in Orlando, I went out of way to try to meet ordinary people living there by going to local classic car shows in parks, etc., and talking to enthusiasts about their cars - I thought that this would be a shared passion.  If you go to similar in the UK, owners are so proud of their cars - most of which they've restored themselves - as I used to, they will talk endlessly about them.  But in Orlando, after an initial friendly response, owners sort of went a bit cold, as if I was trying to steal their souls - or their cars, maybe!  (I also realised that most were not the dirty fingernails type but people who paid for their cars to be restored - bit like the many classic cars we get on the telly nowadays).

But, I suppose that we should say 'viva la difference' - if we were all the same, what a boring world int would be!
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