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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-02-09 03:05:48
Oh yes, there were two well documented visits to Dudley and the black Country in 2018 (there may well have been more unreported visits) by members of this Forum for the purpose of drinking the beautiful ales and visiting the lovely pubs.

And guess what?  When I went in the Red Lion on Thursday, what were they serving but Sarah Hughes' Ruby Mild!  And from a cute little wooden cask - mind you, I've seen all sorts of things coming out of that same cask, including, horror of horrors, cider!  So I suppose that it's the same kind of cute wooden cask that is sometimes seen in Stube in Franconia (Frankische connection).  Anyway, I ventured a half and it was good - actually, better than it was when I visited the brewpub with Don S. last year.  But it's way too strong for me.
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