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Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-11 12:24:48
Or unlovely cask ale. Or Kellerbier. There is Alt though, and the oldest Altbierbrauerei der Welt is near Moenchengladbach, whose perfectly fine Alt is on keg right near where I'm staying at the moment, in an airbnb place in a fabulous old townhouse. 

Also Frankenheim is on in a place in the Zentrum. In both cases, right next to Koelsch, which is pretty tabu in Dusseldorf and Koeln, with the exception being the one place where Don & Cheri led us to years ago, and then where Don proceeded to fart the place up. Sorry, but rough truth is rough. Don had a penchant for doing that back then and then blaming others. 

Frankenheim more or less became my favorite Alt in Dusseldorf, despite the masses prefering Zum Uerige. Meh...YMMV.

I'll be looking forward to meeting up again whenever we can, wherever. As soon as I get my Toyota situation straightened out, I may plan to drive to your Isles for a final pre-Brexit visit. Won't be for a month though, as I've rented this place that long.
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