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Americans & Europeans
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-08 12:44:35
Yes, it used to bug the Scheisse out of me when people here would say, "Yeah, I've been to the US -- Vegas and Miami." I used to laugh at the idea of going to Vegas. And then ... never mind.

I will, however, say that freeway construction there is nearly on a par with Dutch Autobahn -- yes, I"m going there, I find the Dutch motorways/freeways to be superior to Germany's, at least the stretches I've driven. 

And agreed on the east coasters being more ... well, I"m not sure. I spent some time near Pittsburgh on my trip back, and they were far more tolerant of weirdness than Nevadans or Coloradoans or west coasters in general. 

I did some testing. I would pretend to be talking to my lawyer on the phone, and get louder and louder, to see how and when I would get reprimanded. People didn't give much of a crap in Pittsburgh. Or I would pretend to be a pimp, looking after my hoes from afar.

Fun stuff to do when you're alone! Also dog parks presented a freakish slice of American humanity. Whatever else you want to say in defense of Americans, they have a lot of learning to do with dog ownership, compared to Germans or other continentals. Britons are half way there IME. time you're in Aachen, Barry, I'll point you to the part of town I've landed it now. Lots of old architectual character. Maybe almost Bathian. 
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