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Kitzmann in Erlangen
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-07 02:43:12
Ah...Tabor...I started in on the whole explanation of Crystal below, to answer your question, but lost track. Tabor is fine, has been with Mrs the entire time. I missed him so much that I got Crystal (named her after the two victims of the drug of the same name I went on about in response to Mark), who was conveniently born on 23rd April. Or whelped, I guess. She's my #1 bitch. Well, I realize that may be impolite to some British ears, but she is what she is.

At one dog park near Pittsburgh, an old guy there told me his dog was "a bitch", and that he had been waiting to be able to say that without repercussion for a long time! Guess I seemed trustworthy.

The US has become a strange, strange place in my absence. There is an unofficial psychological syndrome my wife looked up called "repatriation syndrome", where things seem to have changed, but in this case, it's NOT just my imagination. There is something wrong with much of American has gotten worse. It's probably the internet. Facebook, in particular. Gold-star sydrome. The soyboy effect (the biological fact, that is, not the politically-charged vituperation). 

Americans are so much more on edge than even they used to be. Or am I just imagining it? I think not. It is cheaper to live there though...
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