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Posted by Jason on 2019-11-25 03:40:44
I went to Tegernsee for the day on the weekend. Hiked for 3 hours then went to Munich for a few hours.

Schneider was good. But Ayinger, not so. Excellent helles beer from the barrel, but my second was under poured (I let it go, they’d just changed the barrel) but the third one was as well. I can tell just by lifting them, but a small sip proved it. The barman wasn’t very impressed, but topped it up. If you’re going to charge 5,20€ (bizarrely it’s 4,70€ normally, from keg) I expect it to be a full measure. 

What’s more, I put my Krug on its side and as they were paying, the Americans at my table (not knowing I am british) asked the waiter if it was normal. He said no. Suffice to say I made it very clear to him that, actually, it is, in most of Bavaria. And it makes sense, though my next beer didn’t come any quicker on account of the place being obsessed with food. 

So, on to Augustiner am Glöckl, a place where under poured beer is common, but mine was fine. Except I went to the toilet with a few sips left and came back to find it gone (my jacket remained on the back of the chair). So I sought out the waitress and she was apologetic, tried to get it back and when unsuccessful she gave me a Schnitt. It was fine, but I can’t help but think that the standard of service in this country is way behind the rest of the western world. 

So I left Munich a little disappointed.  It’s a big city and I’m not expecting it to be like bamberg (which has it’s faults as well) but I feel like I’m being done hand over fist at every turn. A guy alone ‘just’ drinking (heaven forbid) is waaaay down the priority list. The beer quality was high as always. The rest, slightly uninspiring.
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