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Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-11-25 08:45:13
"even though they have barely left the country"

And that is a big factor.  I find the same with many Americans who barely ever get out of their own backyard.  I mention to some that I did a trip to England in 2018.  They ask me "How was the food?  I hear it's really bad over there." or Gernany I almost always get (like 99% of responses).  "Have you been to Oktoberfest?".  I swear I want to kick the next person that asks me if I've been to Oktoberfest right in the groin.  It's really annoying.  I almost entirely avoid talking about my travels to anyone for this very reason.

I've had similar interactions with some Germans too on the subject of beer.  I've been informed how bad our beer is in America is (you know because of Bud Light).  Funniest one was an Icelandic women lecturing me on how Icelandic beer is far superior to American beer.  I'm just thinking to myself "What beer?  If you find any here let me know."  (exaggeration as of course there are a few breweries in Iceland but very few and the goods are really expensive hence the locals mostly drink the awful Viking lager or even worse Gull).

I'm not sure if it's any worse in Bavaria or Franconia than anywhere else but I certainly have noticed the poor, surly, and arrogant service at times in Munich.  Sometimes Bamberg too although it feels like service has improved approx. 1000% throughout the city since Helga left Spezial.

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