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Posted by Jason on 2019-11-28 01:57:40
But in Germany as a whole it's customary to tip when you are being served by a waitress or waiter. I tip all the time unless the service is really bad. It's one of the reasons why the beer is relatively cheap. I also notice that it keeps me in favour with the servers and my beers come swiftly.

When I'm with visitors and they don't tip it makes me uncomfortable. I get that language is a problem in these situations, but it shows willful ignorance i'm afraid. To be clear, if you're not waited upon, i.e. in a Schwemme or a bar, it is different. Then again when I'm in Rotenschild and am sitting at the bar I still tip, because the staff work hard and they ensure I don't go thirsty.  One grey area is e.g. Doerfleins where the business is family run; technically they aren't 'workers' though they still do the job, so I tip. I have noticed locals being less generous however, but that's Franconians for you. 
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