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Posted by Jason on 2019-11-25 06:23:39
I can't comment on the history as I haven't looked into it. But for sure there is a lot of misplaced 'pride' in this part of the world, coupled with it's usual life partner, ignorance. It's the same in Franken, they think their products are the best in the world, even though they have barely left the country. If I had a pound for every time someone had critiscised British cuisine to me, based on a meal of fish and chips they had one time, I'd be a millionaire. I'm not saying British cuisine is world leading, but it is far more diverse than Franconian, by quite a stretch, even without the plethora of outside influences which enriches it even more. It show's a high level of willful ignorance and I get quite frustrated. 

Same with beer: I think SOME breweries in Franken make some world class beers, but I can also appreciate Augustiner or Aying. Or a thousand breweries worldwide. A brewer isn't brewing good beer BECAUSE he or she is from a certain area. There are some breweries in Germany that are not in Franken that I would put in my 'top 10 list' if i had one. And when I tell people in Bamberg that the best beers of their neighbours the Czech Republic are on another level in comparison, they look at me like i'm crazy. Even though they haven't come close to trying these beers. 
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