Brauerei Maisel

Hindenburgstrasse 9
Bayreuth 95445
Large Brewery (more than 100,000 hl/year)

 09 21 / 4 01 - 0

Also a brewery museum. Is now 35% owned by the national group Veltins.

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Comment from Jan-Erik Svensson on 2003-03-31 08:38:28

 Maisel's wheat beer is the "Erdinger" of Franconia, mild and neutral in aroma and taste.

Comment from Timothy Holian on 2005-02-16 21:59:27

 The historic brewery tour alone is enough of a reason to go far out of your way to visit here. As for the beers ... Maisel's Pils has a clearly distinguishable hop nose and rich golden color; hops prevail slightly over malt throughout, with a gentle (and surprising) clovery flavor up front. Slightly thin for style - Einheitsbier? ... Maisel's Weisse has a clearly clovery, fruity bouquet typical of the style, which also is noted in the body of the brew and into the aftertaste. Good smoothness and reasonably representative of the style, but not exactly the one you'd want to take home to meet your parents, so to speak.

Comment from Gerd Roppelt on 2008-10-03 08:32:04

 The Veltins share has been repurchased by Maisel in the year 2005. Veltins and Maisel continue to cooperate in distribution.

Comment from gary on 2012-10-31 18:30:04

 Finally had a chance to take the brewery tour. Well worth the time and small fee. Tour is in German, but they do give out a document in English so you can follow along. Tour was in depth, showing quite a bit of the old brewing equipment and techniques. The 5K+ display of mugs and glassware is rather impressive. Nice .5l at the end of tour from tap was very tasty. Met Peter brew(?) who had been with the brewery for 45 years and is one of the retired brew masters. He took us behind the scenes to show his distillery and a taste of his distilled beer spirits. The spirits were not bad at all. Turned out to be quite a pleasant afternoon.

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