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Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-02-04 04:00:27
There is certainly a difference between "kellerbier" and "landbier". Kellerbier is traditionally the beer that was brewed in spring, to be lagered during the warm season in the beer cellars (before the invention of the refrigeration). It usually is also somewhat stronger, and it could coincide with a "Märzen" (i.e. brewed in March, and being produced to last longer, being somewhat stronger - which is still the case for a Märzen). Being dispensed directly from the lager vessel, a kellerbeer is (usually) unfiltered (and it can be "ungespundet"). The "landbier" however has more to do with the hop-dosage (lower than pils) and the mixture of malts (darker, somewhat more caramel malt (not necessarily in the taste - refer to the malt varieties from Weyermann) and due to the darker malts also resulting in a product with a somewhat lower degree of fermentation, thus possibly sweeter). Jos
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