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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2003-04-17 12:16:58
"Landbier" conveys two different meanings: - beer from the county, p.e. Bamberg Land, Nuremberg Land, in contrast to beer from the town(s). In Nuremberg exists a "Landbierparadies" (paradise of country beers, a pub, in which You only get beeers from the country around Nuremberg) - a misleading advertising, a marketing trick from great breweries, p.a. "Moenchshof Landbier" ( because "Landbier" has a good image but no legal definition. "Landbier" ist not a style of beer.
                   Landbier/Landbierparadies by Fred Waltman on  2003-04-17 17:53:31