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Posted by Bronstein on 2003-02-05 22:16:36
Well, I'm one of those who doubts the style, mainly because most of the landbiers I had were not from Franconia. In fact they are everywhere outside the big cities(e.g. Waldecker Landbier). The first one and most popular, however was the Ahornberger. They are from Franconia but it seems to be not much more than a name. These Landbiers seem to be more flat in profile and süffiger( drinkable) than their non-landbier brothers but beyond that there is nothing special. "Landbier" gives the beer a rural touch which otherwies couldn't be notified. I think even that some of the Landbiers got the name as a new label on old beer(e.g. Leikeim Original). My thoughts are similar about the "Urtyp". All that said doesn't mean that Landbiers are bad. Prost Bronstein/Bronsky
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