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Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Jason on 2020-06-15 15:02:15
It was never really a question of practicality, more what lies behind. And I would seriously question the term 'cutting edge breweries'. Fads are tantamount to gimmicks - in the nineties caps may have been worn backtofront, but if you did that now you'd look like an idiot. Good brewers use 440ml cans, but bad ones do too. At the risk of overcomplicating it; just make great beer, the rest will follow. 

Incidentliy i've seen the pricelist:

Zoigl (also called Zwickelpils (!?) 5.6%) 2,25EUR per can.
Kellerpils Naturtruebes Pils (not sure what's different to above 5.1%) 2,25EUR per can.
Smaragdweiss Hefeweizen 5,1% 2,25EUR per can. 

Sorry but this isn't Berlin or Hamburg. I can get beer from good US breweries cheaper in Weyermann. Oh, and 5L barrrels for 17EUR... a 10L barrel of Spezi costs 16EUR. 

I won't say anything more. 

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