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Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Andrew H on 2020-06-16 07:24:59
Well put Jason, the gentrification of beer and the inevitable rise in price benefits no one.I know all about the business plan the "New Wave" brewers seem wedded to, IE, make the product seem exclusive,trendy, etc. produce less,(with the obvious savings in costs) and sell at an inflated price, and achieve the same if not better margins. for less effort. The problem then is that you risk losing your core customer base with high prices and unfamiliar beers. Also fashion being what it is at some point you will lose your new" trendy" customers.
pubs then jack up the price even further to try and recover profit margin,alienating another group of customers and so on until they are no longer viable.This has happened in the UK.
I would be sad to see it happening,even on a small scale,in Franconia.
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