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Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Nor on 2020-06-16 02:04:00
 'Self-identified cutting edge breweries' were in brackets for a reason, Jason.

While you're right that the prices are outrageous for local comparisons, if he's offering beers for less online - he's sabotaging his own business in long-run selling to other online shops and distributors national and abroad. He has apparently made the decision that his business is outside mainly Franconia. While everything looks all well and slick, he's obviously struggling badly to get some cashflow going - spare some slack.

If you're majorily pointing out the the sociological effect, I'm agreeing with you. But it's also obvious that the local price structure breaks when you change the mode of operation. While I'm disappointed at the price point too, and would much prefer a different model - I'm neither surprised knowing the situation and economics behind. And get quite a few different Franconian beers before these. Don't have more to say here, i think. Looking forward to having an Eichhorn, Spezial und Monchsambacher soon again!

Local production, local consumption, fast turnaround, direct sales in bulk
vs. Production, distribution, transport, 1-off sales
                         Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-16 02:37:59
                           Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Nor on  2020-06-16 02:54:03
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