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Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Jason on 2020-06-16 02:37:59
I know he's had problems and I wish him well - that goes without saying, probably isn't a nicer guy in the industry. And as I wrote earlier, my bug bear (and any frustrations that show) is with the the global 'craft beer' price structure. And even here in Bamberg, prices now at the Spezi Keller are 3,40EUR. I don't mind for the short term due to Corona, happy to help, but you can bet your bottom dollar they won't go down again in a year / 2 years. Guess they need some extra cash to cover the huge house they're building next to the Keller. Prices here (the city) must have risen 15% in the 4 years I've been living here, so it's currently a big topic. 

The crux of the matter is, if this was just an online shop, I wouldn't pass comment. It wouldn't affect me and the business model behind would not be for me to justify. It would of course be ridiculous to sell beers outside of the region at regional prices and I get your reasoning.

But it's also a walk-in shop. How are you going to attract locals in with those prices on products that are not offering anything new or different? If you take me for example. If one of the most open minded beer lovers in Bamberg is reluctant to purchase products that, while almost certainly very well made, don't offer value for money, who are you going to attract? Tourists? Maybe, but tourism even here does not support businesses like these. If the shop was on the Obere Bruecke then maybe. 

Sorry for harping on but I don't get the business model. I'm just a drinker, not an expert by any means. But I am a potential consumer. 
                           Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg by Nor on  2020-06-16 02:54:03
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