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Gänstaller Shop in Bamberg
Posted by Nor on 2020-06-16 02:54:03
Waiting in line at the bakery, so a last addendum. Just checked (not knowing who he used for canning) GER mobile canning prices. Different providers averaged, likely paid 55-70cent alone for filling & labelling. I don't know bottle filling prices at Rittmayer or similar, but Id be surprised if they exceed 15cents (incl bottle). I'm generally not supportive of canning, one being the extraordinary costs associated on this scale. The quality/cost distribution for a line is very different to bottling lines. Localities with shared/commercial filling facilities could have a huge benefit, but this is very hard to imagine in the modern craft beer world. And the benefits are in the urban and distributed sales, not Franconia. Its contra productive to a local, diversified brewing culture I support. The mechanics of Cannings lines are far more complex compared to bottling lines and even costs are likely to fall with broader adoption, won't come close to bottles for a long time. Especially in cases were functioning return/deposit schemes are already existing. There is lots more to be sad about bottles, cans, ... but let's not derail. One more sidetrack. As I occassionaly buy Franconian beer for abroad. Moet of the mark-up, ie Gaenstaller makes up for in comparison facilitating 0% VAT for innereuropean sales. Most Franconian breweries charge the 19/21%? leading to paying sales tax twice, GER and abroad. (Below a few thousand its not really worth the struggle asking it back). Fair enough for the ones that charge, its not their focus. Almost at the counter. Croissant for me.
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