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More Bamberg in November questions
Posted by MikeK on 2005-08-25 18:28:52
As mentioned in an earlier thread, I am planning to go to Bamberg in late November . My current plans are to arrive on Tuesday 29 November and apart on Saturday 3 December. I am hoping that both bock beer and Christmas markets will be available. Besides staying in Bamberg I plan on taking a few day trips. I like architecture and I'm interested in the Gossweinstein basilica, but I have no idea how to get there from Bamberg. I might also be interested in Buttenheim and Mönchsambach. Is there any place else worth visiting on the same bus route as Mönchsambach? I'm primarily interested in reasonably close towns. I've been to Nurnberg and Wurzburg and Rothenburg. Regensburg is too far. Bayreuth is a possibility. Advice, suggestions, and directions are all appreciated. Thanks Mike
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