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More Bamberg in November questions
Posted by MikeK on 2005-08-26 13:07:12
Thanks. I tried looking for Gossweinstein on but it didn't work, possibly because Gossweinstein should be spelled with the condensed double s "B"character. Lots of GoBweinstein stations pop up and I have no idea which is correct. A little rococo overdose is OK. And if it is easier to get too and there is a brewery tap avaialable then Vierzehnheiligen might be the best option. I spent a few days in Bamberg and visited most of the churches (and 7 brewery pubs). I do want to visit them again, but would like to venture off as well since I am planning four days based in Bamberg. Is it possible to find a bus route schedule online? That way I can see what other towns are on the Mönchambach route. Thanks Mike
       More Bamberg in November questions by Fred Waltman on  2005-08-26 20:34:25