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More Bamberg in November questions
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2005-08-26 12:31:23
Buttenheim is easily reched by train. Mönchambach should not be too difficult by bus. Gossweinstein is probably a bit more complicated, bus trip with change in Ebermannstadt. Try for any information on public transport planning, it is available in english too. If you're interested in Gossweinstein, you might also be interested in Vierzehnheiligen (and a visit to Brauerei Trunk). Balthasar Neumann/toothache warning: rocococococo ahead (that is: rococo over the top IMHO - SCNR). Sesslach might also be interesting to you, as well as Weismain. My advice however: don't worry /too/ much about getting away, Bamberg has a lot to offer, also architecture-wise. Jos
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