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More Bamberg in November questions
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-08-26 20:34:25 has very detailed bus schedules for OVF the regional bus line. As Jos said, most of the information is available in English. One thing to watch out for: There may be a bus route, say 8413 (I'm making this number up) that has different stops throughout the day. That is, just because the 10am bus on 8413 stops at a town, doesn't mean they all will. For example, on a random day I find the stops for Bus 8223: Bus 8223 Station Bahnhofsvorplatz, Bamberg Willy-Lessing-Str., Bamberg Schranne, Bamberg Laurenziplatz, Bamberg Würzburger Straße, Bamberg Hohes Kreuz, Bamberg Würzburger Str., Stegaurach-Debring Birkach, Frensdorf Oberharnsbach, Burgebrach Einkaufsmarkt Hahner, Burgebrach Abzw. Treppendorfer Str., Burgebrach Steigerwaldklinik, Burgebrach Schatzenhof, Burgebrach Vollmannsdorf, Burgebrach Dürrhof, Burgebrach Mönchsambach, Burgebrach Wolfsbach, Burgebrach Mönchsherrnsdorf, Burgebrach Kötsch, Burgwindheim Kappel, Burgwindheim Burgwindheim Abzw. Unterweiler, Burgwindheim Untersteinach, Burgwindheim Abzw. Eberau, Ebrach Bamberger Tor, Ebrach Marktplatz, Ebrach