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What is Kellerbier?
Posted by Barry on 2011-01-28 07:18:16
Heartily recommend Dorfleins, if you are happy to walk a bit, because the buses to and from Bamberg stop at 6.30 pm. Kemmern takes about 3/4 hour along a very pleasant cycle track and you can follow same to Breitengussbach (as we were doing before Don texted us to say that Hummer was closed) - that's another couple of kms, and even to Baunach (ditto story above!). We didn't bother with the keller, as the gastatte is really nice, with a very pleasant outside drinking area. You also have Hallstadt nearby, with Fassla stube (strange bar), the wonderful Goldene Lowene (people please frequent it before it goes) and a nice St. Georgen keller. There are loads of other good places nearby, though Don could give you a better steer on these. Eichorn itself is very pleasant, though it has very odd opening hours. But it's a real village pub and has a great atmosphere on a Saturday evening when the local menfolk gather to play Schafkopf - still don't understand quite how it works even after studying internet!
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