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FeWo fever
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-02-05 03:09:45
"I concur about using the individual towns' respective web sites." That's what I was "afraid" of: browsing the internets for hotels has become quite slick in terms of being able to compare guest ratings, prices, modernity of facilities, let alone prices, whereas it's not quite the same for FeWos. So ist es eben. does list a few though all outside the actual village of Hallerndorf itself, rather, within the community of villages administered from H'dorf. And Forchheim have quite a nice list at including the surrounding communities, especially to the SE. This is what prompted me to comment on how "every village has one": I've always noticed the signs for FeWos whilst biking from Erlangen up to or through Forchheim through these villages. Same goes for between Hallerndorf and Buttenheim or points NE thereof. And for Geisfeld... shows a couple of options right in town. Singles at Landgasthof Büttel for 34€ incl Frühstück. Huh. Be careful with Gästehaus Georg Bayer though--shared toilet & shower, for 15€ a night. W.r.t. addresses, note that the "OT Geisfeld" means that it's located in Geisfeld as opposed to one of the other parts of the community (Ortsteil) of villages administered from Strullendorf. Sometimes this is explicitly denoted by "OT", other times just with a comma as in the case of the Hallerndorfer listings.
                                         FeWo fever by Nick B. on  2011-02-05 03:33:38
                                           FeWo fever by Mark Andersen on  2011-02-05 03:59:45