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FeWo fever
Posted by Barry on 2011-02-03 07:31:26
Hear, hear! I've been in fewo's all over Germany and think that they are an excellent and very cost-effective solution, particularly for odd-ball vegetarians who have problems with food in poubs and restaurants! I guess that we must have stayed in around 10 different ones in Germany (and a few more in France) and always found the openers friendly and helpful. In Dorfleins, the owner constantly wanted to take us shopping, lent us bicycles and, when he ran out of things to offer, took us for lunch and to a nearby basket festival (korbmarkt), which was more interesting than it sounds! We visited Don's fewo and confirm his comments, my only gripe being that he got there before us! Seriously, our place in Dorfleins suited us very well. Having spent too much of my life in hotels, I really appreciate the home from home comforts of the fewo. Incidentally, the one in Eschawo had a cellar with a keg of zoigl (Teicher's from Neuhaus) that we were free to sample! The only downside was the noisy celebrations of our hosts as Germany hammered four past England in the World Cup - soon forgotten over a few zoigls.
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