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FeWo fever
Posted by DonS on 2011-02-04 15:30:27
The FeWo I stayed at in Bischberg is 38 euro/night for the two of us, making it 19 euro a night per person. Frau Kolb's smaller of her two FeWos runs 30 euro/night. That's hostel-level rates, for significantly better-quality accomodation, and much less than a hotel room even for one, in the latter case at half the price. You'll need bus fare to go into town, unless you like the hike. Similar deals on FeWos abound throughout the region, and there are inexpensive FeWos for stays in Eschawo/Neuhaus too. Those euros saved will buy you quite a few Seidlas - and since the FeWos are fitted with refrigerators, there's space for a nightcap or two at bedtime, too!
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