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Posted by mike004 on 2011-08-30 13:35:59
I visited a couple of days. There was a Gaenstaller "Zoigl" festbier on sale. This was at the stand next to the Hof restaurant.The bier looked and tasted like Huppendorfer, only a bit cloudier. The stand was selling Gaenstaller, Huppendorfer Vollbier and Holslein. They also had leaflets about the new Gaenstaller place. So I suppose there is some connection. Crowds in the evening were worse than ever. Queueing up to get a beer, queueing up to get your pfand back, queueing up to have pee... Visiting in the afternoon is far less stressful for the bier tourist. I also visited Regensburg Herbst Dult (Autumn Fair). Kneitinger and Spital had huge "Munich-style" tents. The Kneitinger festbier was really good. A suprise,as festbiers are normally too sweet for me by the time I have got half way down the litre.
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