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Sandkerwa Wetter?
Posted by TreinJan on 2011-09-04 07:20:44
Yesterday I enjoyed the Biergarten of Lindner Bräu in Bad Kötzting, in the southern Oberpfalz. Nice beer and food. Today is a rest day, so I'm right now enjoying the coolness of my hotel room. Moving over to Franconia tomorrow, with quite a selection of bottles from three different distilleries in my luggage! Was at Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube in Falkenberg last friday. Very nice looking, and spacious. The beer was good but not outstanding, € 1,60 per Seidla. Beers at Lindner Bräu were not expensive as well b.t.w.: Helles € 1,90, Dunkles € 2,00.
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