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Sandkerwa Wetter?
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-09-04 04:30:28
"Visiting in the afternoon is far less stressful for the bier tourist. " Oh yes. And were you there on Friday in the (near record?) heat? I can't imagine being squished in with so many other people in such conditions. Speaking of weather though, it looks like today and Tuesday are going to be the last really nice days for a while. Those visiting during the next couple of weeks might want to take advantage of Tuesday for, say, a Bierkeller visit. If the forecast at holds true, it should turn quite cool, though dry, after a few wet days. Dienstag 13.09. might well be Schlachtsch├╝ssel day at a certain Hallerndorf-area Bierkeller -- if 17C isn't too cold, anyway. Will find out more on the coming Tuesday.
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