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Sebdemba Wedda?
Posted by TreinJan on 2011-09-04 11:33:39
Prefer to use Did not do much today, to warm and moist - schwülwarm. Just got back from an after-dinner walk through the Kurpark, at an easy trot and still felt hot and sweaty. At zur Post they only brew top-fermenting beer, so the standard beer Rittergold might by some people be called an unfiltered Kölsch (a Wiess?). It is however definitely more hoppy than any Kölsch I've had. They also brew a Weisse.
             Sebdemba Wedda? by TreinJan on  2011-09-05 02:01:09
             Sebdemba Wedda? by Nick B. on  2011-09-07 02:20:36