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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-08 04:27:59
Yes, my point is what's well-balanced to some is unbalanced to others. Have you had Griess or Roppelt's Kellerbier -- the latter at the Keller, not the kegged vesion served in the Gaststätte? These are the best balanced, or simply the best Kellerbiers I've found. Which is to say, they're hoppy and bitter. Witzgall would be the third, but it's gone down a notch in hoppiness since the younger brewer took over, near as I and others I've discussed this with can tell. (Here again, the version at the Bierkeller, not the keg stuff in the Gaststätte.) The problem with many other pale lagers around here is the reduced hoppiness allows other problems to show through like apple, butterscotch, and vegetal notes. Some even feature two or three of the above. I've got some thoughts on "tradition vs. innovation" in brewing and beer styles that I may try to gather and post about sometime. And I was wondering more about the other Mike's preference in ale, as he's from that part of the world and I've become a real ale convert since visiting there.
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