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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-09 02:34:55
I should clarify that I didn't coin "half-IPA", rather, Steelhead Brewing in Sheffield did. All the hops and bitterness of an IPA but half the malt and alcohol. Mine is actually a half-double-IPA, where "double IPA" is apparently a regular IPA but with double the hops. As opposed to imperial IPA, which is simply very strong. Mine is about 3.2% abv and theoretically 120 IBU, and tastes of nothing but hops and yeast, the latter because we drink it too young, but then we're in a desperate situation here. Yeah, it's not really innovation, just reformulating. When a beer has DMS, acetyldehyde(?) or diacytel, especially to the point of these being dominant characteristics, the beer is *flawed*, not simply a question of personal taste. AFA personal taste goes, IIRC, you once suggested that Paulaner is a good Bavarian beer. Much German beer *is* boring! Maybe not for people who spend a few weeks at a time drinking it, as I certainly didn't find it boring before I'd lived here for a few years, but it is what it is. I would say the country is a sea of boring, bland beer, with a few islands of interesting stuff here and there. And a big island in Franconia. This is not to say I want brewers here to be replaced with American brewpubs, however. Next trip, try to get to Sauer and Griess. In that order, because the one is a lot better balanced than the other.
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