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Well-balanced-Barfüsser-and more (Berlin)
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-09 01:21:21
We decided against Berlin for a couple of reasons, none of which were beer-related. The wife's work schedule, the prospect of a long drive at the start of the summer break, and the desire to save €'s for a later trip to Oregon all conspired against the trip. The weather looks to be lovely next week. The missus and I might do some day trips outside the local area though. Have to plan on Bad Staffelstein, especially if Metzger Bräu will be there. Actually, Steinbach always have two beers on: the regular, undrinkable, over-priced Storchenbräu, and a rotating monthly beer. The latter can be OK, most recently the Altstadtsbier, a Weizen with one of the new Bavarian hop varieties. Not enough hops to notice them, of course, but a nice enough idea.
                         Well-balanced-Steinbach-Staffelstein by TreinJan on  2012-08-09 01:44:36